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Find Out If You Have a Food Poisoning Claim

几乎每个人都有过食物中毒的经历. To say it is a terrible experience is an understatement. There are few things as painful as becoming ill from tainted food. But while many of have suffered through such pain, 有些人需要的不仅仅是休息和大量饮水. Depending on the type of microbes ingested, some victims of food poisoning can face life-threatening conditions, 甚至死亡.

如果你因食源性疾病而受伤,你可能应该得到赔偿. 但是为了保证索赔有积极的结果,你需要强有力的代理. With 丈夫 and 妻子的法律团队, you can expect just that and more. For twenty years, our team of Phoenix personal injury attorneys has been providing legal counsel to those who need it most. Under the leadership of Mark and 亚历克西斯布雷耶, 我们已经帮助了很多像你一样的客户获得了他们应得的恢复. To schedule your 免费的咨询服务, 请拨打(602)457-6222或使用本页上的表格提交您的信息.


What Is a 食源性疾病?

Food poisoning isn’t a new concept. 长期以来,食物污染一直是人类需要解决的问题. 但在我们的现代, 在美国,许多人都有这样的印象,即他们不需要担心食源性疾病. That could not be further from the truth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (疾病预防控制中心)估计每年有近23万人因食物中毒而住院. Of those, roughly 3,000 people die from their illness. 这意味着每天有8人以上死于食源性疾病.

食源性疾病来自被污染食物的细菌、病毒和寄生虫. 例如,未经烹煮的肉可能携带动物疾病. 或者是乳制品, such as cheese or milk, has not been pasteurized, then bacteria may be allowed to grow and contaminate the food.


What Are Some Common Types of Foodborne Germs?

根据疾病控制与预防中心的报告,有超过250种不同类型的食源性疾病. 侵略性的细菌菌株是这些疾病的主要原因. 还有一些是由于病毒或寄生虫进入了未加工的肉类,还有一些是由于 有毒化学物质 leaking into the supply chain. 然而,有些细菌往往比其他细菌更容易进入聚光灯下. 以下是一些常见的食源性疾病的说法:

  • E. 杆菌 – a bacteria found in uncooked foods such as poultry and dairy
  • 李斯特菌 – another bacteria fond of raw foods such as cheese and certain meats
  • 志贺氏杆菌 -一种细菌通过人与人之间的接触和不卫生条件传播
  • 诺瓦克病毒 -在人类粪便中发现的病毒,通过人与人之间的接触传播
  • 沙门氏菌 这是一种很常见的细菌,存在于鸡肉或奶制品等生食品中


The Danger of 食源性疾病es

你所患疾病的确切症状和类型将取决于细菌, 病毒, or even parasite that has contaminated your food. 然而, all foodborne illnesses are incredibly dangerous. 首先,大多数食源性疾病会引发呕吐和腹泻. Severe cases can lead to 脱水,甚至 死亡, if the issue is not treated quickly. 对于儿童、老人和孕妇等高危人群来说,这尤其是个问题. 在真正可怕的情况下,食源性疾病可能会导致孕妇失去孩子.

On top of the 脱水, foodborne illnesses can also cause fever. 当体温较低时,这不是什么大问题,因为大多数疾病都会导致一定程度的发烧. 然而, with particularly bad foodborne illnesses, fevers can get into the danger area of 104 degrees or higher. 在这一点上, your life is in danger, as the human body cannot withstand such a high core temperature. 这对老年人来说尤其如此,如果他们发烧那么高,就需要紧急护理.

最终, 无论你因食物污染而患上何种疾病, your life could be at risk. 这就是为什么找到责任方并让他们负责是如此重要.


Finding the Liable Party

After suffering from a foodborne illness, you will likely have some medical bills, as well as a few missing paychecks from your time taken away from work. 获得赔偿的最好方法是首先向对你的疾病负责的一方提出索赔. 程序的第一步是确定谁对你的损害负责. 谈到食源性疾病,有几个方面可能被认为是负有责任的:

农业公司: Most food in America is grown or processed by large farming companies. During the process of growing, 收集, 清洁, 和运输食物, contaminants can get on the food, and thus lead to a foodborne illness. 如果引起疾病的细菌起源于食物刚收获的时候, then the company in charge of producing the food may be liable.

制造商: As in, the company that put the food you ate together. 例如,最近有一个袋装沙拉含有E. 杆菌. 在这种情况下, 将生菜和其他沙拉原料切碎并打包的公司可能会被认为是导致你生病的罪魁祸首.

的分配器例食品一旦包装好,就必须送到餐馆和杂货店. 这些商家必须妥善储存食品,并将过期的食品扔掉. 如果他们忽视了这一点,那么它可能会导致客户生病. 这意味着负责分发食品的企业将被视为负有责任.

要确定谁应该为你的疾病负责,就需要弄清楚食品在生产流水线上的哪个环节首先受到了污染. Whether the contamination started when the food was harvested, 包装的时候, 或者当它被出售时,将决定哪一方应该赔偿你的损失. 不幸的是, the answer will rely on an investigation, 当你正从一场严重的疾病中恢复时,哪种跑步方式比较困难. Thankfully, you don’t have to work on this claim alone.


How Long Do I Have To Submit My Phoenix 食源性疾病 Claim?

不幸的是, probably not as long as you would like. In the state of Arizona, all claims are subject to a statute of limitations. This means that you have a limited amount of time in which to file. 不这样做可能意味着你完全丧失获得赔偿的权利. 您可以尽快十大彩票游戏平台的凤凰食源性疾病律师在夫妻法律团队(602)457-6222, the better your odds will be at securing a positive outcome.



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