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Legal Help If You've Been Injured at Work

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injured while at work is something that no one plans for. 幸运的是, 工人赔偿和工作场所的前提责任保险足以涵盖许多工伤案例. 然而,当工作中发生严重伤害时,这一保险范围可能不够. It can be a disaster 对于一个 family, unable to anticipate the medical bills, loss of income during recovery, and pain and 痛苦 caused by the accident. 不幸的是, 通常情况下,雇主和保险机构会努力保护自己的经济利益,而不是帮助你得到你应得的照顾.


What are My Options After a Work Accident in Phoenix?

许多人认为,对工作中受伤的人来说,唯一的选择就是提出工人赔偿要求. This is often not the case. 很多时候,十大彩票游戏平台的工人补偿远远不够.

Usually, there is a better remedy. 当第三方造成伤害时——一个为另一家公司工作的独立承包商, 例如, 或者在工作中使用的危险产品——还有其他补救办法. 除了, 雇主必须达到一定的标准,才能得到工人补偿的保护. If your employer fails to do what is required, you have the right to file a lawsuit for their negligence.

工人补偿福利将帮助员工支付医疗费用和工资损失. If the worker is involved in a fatal work accident in Phoenix在美国,这些福利将延伸到工人家庭的受抚养人. 事故并非由受伤者的雇主或共同雇员造成的, normal personal injury laws are applicable.

由于工伤制度的复杂性,最好是与一个 Phoenix personal injury attorney prior to making this determination. 如果你或你爱的人在工作时受伤了, 请随时致电(602)457-6222与夫妻法律小组联系.


What Should I Do Next?

在…之后 construction accident 或者是另一种职业的员工受伤,下一步可能就不那么清晰了. Here's what you should do next to protect your interests:

  • Report the incident immediately: Inform your employer, and call the police if necessary. Having a formal accident report will help your case.
  • 和律师谈谈: 找一个熟练的工伤律师来帮你立案.
  • 联系 Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH): 雇主应报告事故(如发生死亡事故或涉及三名或以上雇员的事故,须有人前往医院). 如果你不确定报告是否已经完成,请拨打(602)542-5795联系ADOSH.
  • Make a report in the off-hours: If you were hurt outside of traditional business hours, 尽快通过(602)542-4580打电话给十大彩票游戏平台议会警察报告.


What Is a 非正常死亡负责 Claim?

如果个人的疏忽或鲁莽行为导致工人死亡,可以提出非正常死亡索赔. It is the responsibility of the contractor or company, to ensure that a workplace is safe and free of hazards. 确保所有工作设备的安全也是雇主的责任, 功能, and operated by trained individuals. 如果你所爱的人死于雇主未能确保他或她的安全, you likely have a claim for workers' compensation. 如果第三方的行为疏忽或鲁莽,您可能会提出非正常死亡申索.

许多幸存者不知道,他们可以就非正常死亡向非雇主的第三方提出索赔. 你也可以从以下各方获得补偿.

  • The owner of the property or worksite
  • 车辆司机(如受害人在碰撞中死亡)
  • Site engineers, project managers, and architects
  • Manufacturers of dangerous equipment, machinery, and tools

除了 to workers' compensation, 当工人死亡时, 幸存者可以选择对非正常死亡提起诉讼. 这样做不会影响你的工人的补偿福利, 如果你赢了, 在以下情况下,你可能有权获得经济补偿.

  • 葬礼费用
  • 医疗费用
  • Emotional pain and 痛苦
  • Loss of future wages
  • Loss of companionship

当申请一个 wrongful death claim against a third party, 重要的是要记住,法院将决定你最终收到的金额, not the responsible party or your attorney.


On the Job 受伤 and Workers' Compensation in Phoenix

在工作中受伤或死亡的风险不仅仅局限于一种类型的工人, 但有些职业角色会让个体面临特别高的风险. 以下类型的工人在工作时遭受严重伤害的风险最高.

  • 建设 workers
  • Warehouse employees
  • Manufacturing, factory, and packaging workers
  • 卡车 and delivery drivers
  • 办公室工作人员

工人补偿为工伤工人提供资金. According to state law, all employers must purchase workers' compensation insurance, and if you qualify, you will receive monetary compensation for medical expenses, 痛苦, 和损失的工资, regardless of who is at fault. To qualify for this insurance program, you must:

  • Work 对于一个 company that carries workers' compensation.
  • Be a legal employee of the company.
  • Have a work-related illness or injury.

Workers' compensation is only available to actual employees. Contractors and temporary workers will not qualify.


The Importance of OSHA Rules and Regulations

In the United States, all employers must follow OSHA (职业安全与健康管理局)有关雇员安全的法律. 如果你的雇主没有做到这一点,你可以匿名向该机构举报他们. 当你试图对这类雇主采取行动时, do not accept a settlement until you speak with an attorney. 在试图和解之前,了解自己的合法权利和选择是很重要的.


叫丈夫 and 妻子的法律团队

如果你受伤了,或者你关心的人在工作中被杀了, please consult the Husband and Wife Team. 我们知道你需要一名熟练的菲尼克斯工伤律师的帮助, 我们会尽最大努力为您的家人争取补偿和正义. 调用 us now at (602) 457-6222 to talk about your case.


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